Industry design center

With many National level industrial designers
Hired the father of “ Chinese industrial designers" Guanzhong Liuprofessor
as expert consultant.
Deeply research market needs,by innovation design push products update.


R&D Milestones

Pccooler obtain an authorized patent 317 item right now and join in 135 national Key research and development application plan” high efficient and reliable LED Lamp key technology research”and”Used to facility poultry and aquaculture’s LED key technology research and application”

Be responsible for approval Shenzhen city technical research project” Super power LED high density lighting optical components key Technology research”

Participate in editing”Design and testing standard for lighting design of stadiums”and”Green lighting detection and evaluation criteria”Two national standards and China Lighting Association Group Standards “Car garage lighting standards”

Industry and Research integration

·Cooperation with Shandong University research aviation, aerospace electronic equipment constant temperature protection system.

·Cooperation with Jiling University electric vehicle cooling system technology and modern manufacturing process technology research.

·Cooperation with Tsing hua University Shenzhen research Institute super power high density lighting optical components high illumination Stability technology research, application and so on.

·The same time,further improve the industrial design center,engineering technology center’s talent training and reserve strategy.