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Warm Congratulations to PCcooler initial public offering and listing on the GEM


May 3, 2017 at 9:00am, Shenzhen Fluence Technology PLC. hit the bell on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation:PCCOOLER, stock code: 300647). 6 o'clock that night, the listing celebration reception also held in Shenzhen OCT Intercontinental Hotel.


Listed Knocking Bell Ceremony Site

The leading VIPs attending the PCCOOLER were Mr. Dai Bin, District Mayor of Shenzhen, Mr. Dai Bin, Vice Mayor of Longgang District, Mr. Xie Yuanqun, Deputy Secretary of Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City, Mr. He Kuan Hua, general manager of business management and so on.

PCCOOLER public offering of 3,000 shares, the issue price of 8.96 yuan / share, the first day rose 44%


Listing Good Start

       In his speech, Chairman Du Jianjun excitedly said: "PCCOOLER from its inception had a dream, to work hard to become a successful public company. At this moment, our dream come true." He said the company All the way to development is inseparable from the guidance of the leadership, customer trust, team and staff seriously paid and behind the relevant staff silently support the future PCCOOLER will work harder to live up to everyone's ardent expectations of the company.


PCCOOLER Chairman Du Jianjun Speech

In the souvenir exchange of gifts, PCCOOLER gifts to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for a special gift - PCCOOLER special gold spotlights, I wish: the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the Chinese capital market beacon, the more bright, the more according to the farther.


PCCOOLER Special Gold Spotlights

When the opening bell ringing moment, PCCOOLER formally entered the fast lane of capital development. With the accumulation of strength and capital help, the future, PCCOOLER struggling to compose a new chapter of development.